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    Copper Processing
    Libo Copper Wire Subcompany
    Libo Copper Profiles Subcompany
    Libo Copper Strip Subcompany
    Aluminum Processing
    Wire and cable
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    Trading and Investment

    Libo’s copper processing business focus on Libo Electric Co., Ltd. and Libo Copper Material Co., Ltd. As one of 10 largest manufacturers of copper rod and wire in China, Libo has been devoted to the production of different kinds of electric, electricial and electronic oxygen-free copper and silver-copper alloy materials since 1988, including the copper wire, copper plate (bus bar), copper strip and profiles and electromagnetic wire.

    The company is one of largest manufacturer of high-end electric, electrician and electronic copper materials in China, holding four core technologies such as the high-purity oxygen-free copper refining technology, continuous extruded copper processing technology, high-purity & high-conductivity electricial copper precision and deep processing technology and high quality and high-copper alloy smelting and deep processing technology. It is the most powerful innovation and scientific development base of continuous extrusion technology in China and also the leading enterprise with the cutting-edge technology in such field. With the system of independent intellectual property rights, the company is now leading the constant development of electric, electrician and electronic copper technology in China.

    The company insists on the ideas of customer satisfaction and keeps the steady trading cooperation with many well-known enterprises at home and abroad. During the long-term cooperation, the company has won the consistent high praise because of its quality, efficiency, service and credit. It has now established the long-term cooperation relationship with top 500 enterprises in the world such as State Grid, GE, ABB, Alstom, Siemens and America Móvil.

    Processing technology
    Product Series
    High purity oxygen free coal refining technology.
    Continuous extrusion copper processing technology.
    Intensive processing of high purity and high conductivity copper material for electrical grade.
    High quality sliver-copper alloy melting and intensive processing technology.
    Oxygen Free Copper Pole(Wire)
    Magnet wire
    Oxygen Free Copper Bus Bar (Rod)
    Shaped Copper Bar
    High Purity Oxygen Free Copper Strip
    High Quality Silver-copper Alloy Product
    Product Features

    Features of Oxygen Free Copper Products::
    High purity, low impurity and oxygen contents, high electric and thermal conductivity performance.
    Stable quality with compact and even material, strong performance of machining.
    clean surface, high performance on Antioxidant and welding.

    Features of silver-copper alloy product:
    The alloy is with high composition homogenization, stable and compact texture, high performance on abrasion, welding resistance and softening resistance. And it is also with high purity, low impurity and low oxygen contents, and outstanding performance on conductivity.

    Copyright Zhejiang Libo Holding Group Co., Ltd. ICP2013091900018
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